Implementation is about strategically enacting change. It's complex and challenging.

But implementation feels even more challenging in complex systems because there are so many considerations and so much uncertainty. When it comes to systems, little of what we do to change them feels strategic.

So how can we embrace this complexity and manage uncertainty?

The answer is in systems thinking.

Systems thinking has existed for decades but has only recently been tethered to implementation science and practical approaches of applying that science. It enables us to break out of our typical go-to processes for implementation and find innovative solutions.

Embracing Complexity shows you how adopting a systems thinking mindset and combining it with implementation science methods can support you in your system-level change efforts.

This course can benefit anyone working on a complex problem in a complex system. It will be particularly helpful to you if:

  • You want to understand the different ways in which people/organizations can connect and work more cohesively with one another
  • You want to be able to better visualize multiple pathways to the problem and decide on directions that will help you meet your goals
  • You’ve decided on a solution to implement but are having difficulty selecting change strategies because of the complexity of your solution and system


Course design

We take a "topic agnostic" approach that makes the course content relevant to each person's needs.

First, we lay the groundwork with 2 introductory modules that provide foundational knowledge on implementation pathways and systems thinking.

Then we look at 5 common pain points that many changemakers experience when trying to implement in complex systems and provide you with 5 sets of TCI-developed tools and templates to empower you to move concepts to action.

Course highlights

  • 100% online and self-directed (so you can move through the course on your own schedule!)
  • Highly practical content that specifically embeds systems thinking into implementation science approaches
  • Various learning formats such as video, audio, fillable templates, and interactive activities so you can creatively approach systems thinking and make connections to apply concepts
  • PDF workbooks with key takeaways, assignments, and space to record reflections and notes
  • Recommended readings and additional resources
  • Self-reflective and action-oriented assignments
  • Certificate of completion after successfully completing the course and assignments

Embracing Complexity also gives you access to the beta version of Context Compass, an interactive online tool we’re developing that can help you understand and unpack contextual factors influencing your change efforts.

Enrollment is open May 29 – June 18. Once enrolled, your access to all materials continues until August 1, 2025 so you can go back and review what you’ve learned.

Discounts are available. For full details on the course, please visit our website: https://thecenterforimplementation.com/embracing-complexity

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