ARC South London has set up a Public Research Panel chaired by Dr Josephine Ocloo. This aims to provide a space for public members from diverse backgrounds living in south London, to work in partnership with the ARC in shaping their research and building meaningful engagement in this process.

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Public Research Panel

Key aims

  • Develop a broader model of patient/public involvement in research, grounded in principles of diversity and inclusion
  • Enable members from diverse communities to be involved in co-producing, co-evaluating and helping to develop key values for research as well as the delivery of services
  • Working in partnership with ARC South London researchers to build a community, diversity and participatory approach to research within the ARC, which, in so doing, helps to amplify the voices of service users and improve communication to bridge the gap between researchers and the subjects of their research.

If you are a member of the ARC and would like to book a session with the panel, please see some dates below and please read the guidance information before you complete the booking form.

How the panel works

The panel meets monthly on Zoom and researchers can present their work or research ideas at any stage.

Total meeting length - 45 mins including:

  • Outlining research/project       5-10mins
  • Q&A with the panel                 30-35mins

Before the panel meeting

Please complete the booking form on your research project and provide a lay summary including a short bio of yourself and any other presenters beforehand which will be circulated to panel members.  Please send the booking form and any supplementary information at least one week before the panel meeting.  Please send the booking form to Rochana Johnson-May  email:

If you are presenting your project to the panel, please only join at your allotted time (either 4:10-4:55pm or 5.05-5.50pm) as we often have internal panel discussions before the presentations start.

The Zoom link and meeting agenda will be sent to you closer to the date.

Dates and times      

The panel sessions run from 4.10- 4.55pm or 5.05 - 5.50pm. The next available dates for the panel are:           


  • Wednesday 29 May 
  • Wednesday 26 June 
  • Wednesday 31 July 
  • Wednesday 25 Sep 
  • Wednesday 30 Oct 
  • Wednesday 27 Nov 
  • Wednesday 18 Dec.

After the panel meeting

We will ask you to fill in a feedback form which will be sent to Dr Ocloo. Written feedback will also be provided from the panel to researchers after the meeting.

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