The Executive meets monthly, and includes representatives from our research and cross-cutting themes, and each of the collaborating organisations.

The Executive is accountable to the ARC South London Board.

Members of the Executive       

Rachel Allen

Capacity building lead, director of the Institute for Medical and Biomedical Education, St George's, University of London

Ioannis Bakolis

Economics and biostatistics deputy lead, senior lecturer in biostatistics and epidemiology, King's College London

Mary Chambers         

Patient and public involvement research co-lead, professor mental health nursing, Director Centre for Public Engagement, Kingston University

Ray Chaudhuri         

King's College Hospital representative (deputy), professor of neurology / movement disorders at King’s College Hospital and King's College London

Kirstie Coxon                 

Capacity building co-deputy lead, associate director of midwifery research and associate director MRes Clinical Research, Kingston University

Natasha Curran               

Implementation and involvement co-lead, medical director, Health Innovation Network

Paolo Deluca               

Alcohol research deputy lead, reader in addiction research, King's College London

Richard Dobson              

Informatics deputy lead, professor of medical bioinformatics, King's College London

Colin Drummond        

Alcohol research lead, professor of addiction psychiatry, King's College London

Julia Forman               

Children and young people deputy lead, lecturer in applied statistics and epidemiology, King's Collge London

Fiona Gaughran           

Applied Informatics lead, reader in psychopharmacology and physical health, King's College London and director of research and development at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust 

Ann Grant                  

Business analyst, R&I finance, King’s College Hospital  

Renee Grant-Ogunbiyi

Business support manager, King’s College London

Michele Harris-Tafri       

Communications lead ARC South London, King's College London

Andy Healey                

Economics and biostatistics co-lead, senior health economist, King's College London

Irene Higginson         

Palliative and end of life care lead, professor of palliative care, director of the Cicely Saunders Institute, King's College London

Louise Howard            

Maternity and perinatal mental health deputy lead, professor of women's mental health, King's College London and consultant perinatal psychologist

Louise Hull                    

Implementation research deputy Lead, deputy director of the Centre for Implementation Science, King's College London

Sabine Landau                

Economics and biostatistics co-lead, professor of biostatistics, King's College London

Peter Littlejohns          

Public health and multimorbidity lead and deputy lead ARC South London, professor of public health, King's College London

Jill Manthorpe        

Social care lead, professor of social work, King's College London and director of the NIHR Health & Social Care Workforce Research Unit

Ann McNeill               

Public health and multimorbidity programme lead, professor of tobacco addiction, King's College London

Ann-Marie Murtagh             

Director of research and development, King’s College Hospital, (King's College Hospital representative)

Stan Papoulias   

Patient and public involvement research deputy lead, research associate and assistant director of Service User Research Enterprise (SURE), King's College London 

Kritika Samsi                  

Social care deputy lead, research fellow, King's College London

Jane Sandall         

Maternity and perinatal mental health lead, professor of social science and women's health, King's College London

Nick Sarson                

Communication lead, ARC South London, King's College London

Nick Sevdalis              

Implementation research lead, professor of implementation science and patient safety, director of the Centre for Implementation Science, King's College London

Jane Stafford              

Associate director of operations, ARC South London

Robert Stewart              

Informatics deputy lead, professor of psychiatric epidemiology and clinical informatics, and leads clinical and population informatics in the Maudsley NIHR Biomedical Research Centre

Graham Thornicroft      

Director ARC South London, professor of community psychiatry, King’s College London

Andre Tylee                   

Public health and multimorbidity primary care lead, King's College London

Ingrid Wolfe                  

Children and young people lead, Director Evelina London Child Health Partnership, consultant in paediatric public health