Implementation is about strategically enacting change. It's complex and challenging, but it can feel even more challenging in complex systems because there are so many considerations and so much uncertainty. Very little of what we do to change systems feels like it's strategic. 

How can we embrace this complexity and manage uncertainty?

The answer is in systems thinking. Combined with implementation science, systems thinking can be a powerful tool for meaningful change. It enables us to break out of our typical go-to processes for implementation and find innovative solutions.

Embracing Complexity is The Center for Implementation’s special training series that guides you through the process of adopting a systems thinking mind set in your implementation practice so that you can be more strategic about your systems change efforts.

This training includes:

  • Learning content that specifically embeds systems thinking into implementation science approaches.

  • 5 modules that offer practical guidance on 5 common pain points of implementing in systems

  • 2 introductory modules that provide foundational knowledge on implementation pathways and systems thinking

  • A collection of 5 expertly developed and curated sets of tools and templates that guide you through different concepts to move you towards action

  • 5 one-hour live sessions led by Dr. Sobia Khan and Dr. Julia Moore that incorporate module content so you can practice systems thinking in real-time with our expert staff and other professionals.

Once you register, all content and recordings will be available to you until 1 June 2023.

Find out more and register