The webinars are free to join thanks to funding from a UCL Innovation Network grant** and are targeted at an international audience of digital health developers, researchers, students, clinicians and NHS managers and commissioners. Audience members can join discussions on topics including conducting meaningful user research, doing evidence generation from within a digital health company, how clinicians can find digital therapies and interventions for their patients, and hardwiring evaluation into digital transformation across the health sector.

Webinar 1: How can meaningful user research improve digital health delivery? 7 April 2022 11am – 12pm BST Registration link  Incorporating users’ experiences is vital to building and implementing a new digital product or service, and to generating meaningful evidence in healthcare. This webinar will discuss how we can work to optimise patient engagement and adopt inclusive practices, to improve digital health evidence.

Webinar 2: Doing evidence generation within a digital health company: What are the challenges and solutions? 28 April 2022 12 – 1pm BST Registration link  Digital health companies face many challenges when it comes to generating relevant evidence. This webinar will discuss these challenges as well as the potential solutions, including whether companies should be introducing a dedicated evidence generation role. Tangible examples will be provided of how companies have achieved robust evidence generation.

Webinar 3: How can clinicians find the right digital therapy for their patients? 23 May 2022 12-1pm BST Registration link  The exponential growth of digital health therapeutics within the last fifteen years, is providing ever increasing novel and efficient ways of delivering support to those accessing healthcare. However, despite there being many products that exist in the digital health space, healthcare providers, commissioners and staff often struggle to identify the most appropriate one. This webinar will seek to answer what type of evidence clinicians should look for when choosing a safe and effective product for their patients.

Webinar 4: Can we hardwire evidence generation into digital health transformation? 29 June 2022 12 – 1pm BST Registration link  Implementing new and innovative technologies is vital to transform healthcare for both patients and healthcare staff, and having the right evidence to do so is also essential. In this webinar, innovators will share their evidence journeys, focussing on the problems they faced and how they overcame them. Discussion will aim to help innovators from across the sector to identify solutions to the key challenges of evidence generation in digital health transformation.