This is the second Human Rights and Social Care Forum, a space for people drawing on care, researchers, policy makers, advocates and anyone interested in human rights and social care to come together and discuss acute issues in the field. The theme of this second forum is: 

How can human rights support people drawing on care to live the life they want at home and in communities where everyone belongs?

We want to make the Human Rights and Social Care Forum as inclusive and accessible as possible and are learning along the way how to best go about this. We welcome any feedback in this regard. The Forum will have live captions and the recordings will be made available afterwards.

Speakers include: 

  • Chair: Sophie Chester-Glyn, Director at Coproduce Care CIC
  • Fiona Walker (pre-recorded message) - Expert by experience drawing on care at home
  • Dr Lucy Series, Lecturer at the University of Bristol and author of ‘Deprivation of Liberty in the Shadows of the Institution’
  • Neil Crowther, co-convener of the social care future movement and human rights expert 

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About the Human Rights and Social Care Forum series

The aim of the Human Rights and Social Care Forum series is to produce results through discussions between the audience and the speakers that can be shared more widely to influence policy and practice. The Forum will shortly be accompanied with a website of resources, that will also include information from the first Forum, which was held in June 2022 with the theme of: Dignity and Equality in Care Homes: The Way Forward.

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For any questions or special requirements please get in touch with Dr Caroline Green: caroline.green@kcl.ac.uk