Join this free online seminar offered by the Women and Children's Health Institute at King's Health Partners, in association with the British Association for Child and Adolescent Public Health.  

About the presenter: Naomi Eisenstadt   

Naomi Eisenstadt is currently designate chair of the Northamptonshire Integrated Care Board. Naomi started working life in early years nurseries in the US and then in Scotland. After years in the voluntary sector, she became the first Director of Sure Start, setting up the programme and running early years and childcare policy at the Department for Education. After Sure Start, Naomi was Director of the Social Exclusion Task Force. 

Since leaving the civil service, Naomi has published two books, served as an honorary research fellow at the University of Oxford and the LSE, and was Independent Advisor on Poverty to Nicola Sturgeon.

In the seminar, Naomi will draw on the research and discussion in her co-authored book, Parents, Poverty and the State: 20 Years of Evolving Family Policy, which explores the radical changes in public attitudes and public policy concerning parents and parenting. 

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