3 May 2020

Palliative care is vital to improve quality of life and care during this pandemic.

The ARC's palliative and end of life care team, based at the Cicely Saunders Institute, King's College London, have completed and published several rapid Covid-19 related research studies, including a systematic review on the role of palliative care and hospice services in pandemics.

A collaborative rapid virtual public consultation with people affected by serious illness is helping us to understand their concerns, challenges and research priorities in relation to palliative care and Covid-19.

The palliative and end of life care team, ARC South London

We captured views within our already developed online forum at the Cicely Saunders Institute (www.csipublicinvolvement.co.uk) and by email and telephone.  Over 50 responses have been received so far and are being analysed.

You can access these resources and our growing body of research and implementation here.