9 Jun 2022

The workshop involved small group discussions which gave attendees an opportunity to share their experiences and ideas for these activities. In total, 27 people attended, including 17 members of the public, three members of the public who co-delivered the session, and seven staff members.

Public members provided invaluable insights on the development of the training and buddy scheme.

  • For the training, recommendations included: creating opportunities for blended learning and tailored sessions and making the sessions joyful and fun.
  • For the buddy scheme, recommendations included: distinguishing between ‘mentor’ and ‘buddy’, carefully matching the buddy with the new patient and public involvement (PPI) member, and offering regular training for the buddy.

The plan is for us to hold a follow-up workshop to review the recommendations with the group and to decide on practical next steps together.

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This project is funded by the NIHR ARC South London Involvement Fund 2021-22.