The Day Centre Resources Hub includes background materials to support decision-makers, commissioners, investors or collaborators understand day centres better; tools and resources to support day centres to self-audit and to support service development; 35 case study examples; and templates and signposts to external materials. 




Man and woman at table in day centre

Photo courtesy of the Centre for Ageing Better.

This hub aims to support knowledge exchange. Having a single resources hub for a variety of stakeholders can help to improve understanding and build trust between them.

Katharine Orellana

Dr Katherine Orellana, research fellow, King’s College London

The Hub was co-produced with expert stakeholders from older people’s day centres and the wider social care sector after our priority-setting survey identified a need for a body of supportive resources. 

Specific resource needs were identified in interviews, and a Stakeholder Reference Group developed resources through prioritisation activities. Day centre staff and people working in social care and health ‘road tested’ the resources to finalise the published version. 

My overall reflection is that this is the type of resource I wish I had when I first started commissioning day services seven years ago. I can see this being like a ‘one stop shop’ resource that collates examples of what good looks like and valuable hints and tips that can be considered by professionals from different sectors, whether it’s policy makers, commissioners, or providers.

A commissioner who ‘road-tested the Day Centre Resources Hub.