1 Jul 2022

Researchers at NIHR ARC South London are setting up an involvement group to bring a more diverse range of voices into the way we evaluate and measure outcomes in implementation science.

Implementation science attempts to create robust evidence to help aid evidence into practice, by explaining the process by which evidence is implemented and identifying factors that can improve uptake or remove barriers.

Member of the involvement group will work with researchers to:

  • Discuss their opinions and attitudes on current methods for measuring implementation success
  • Discuss how to make methods more usable

We will bring together a working group of around eight people. No specific expertise is required.

Members of the group will need to take part in two or three online group discussions lasting about one hour (you will not have to attend any face-to-face meetings). We will provide £25 shopping vouchers for every hour you take part.

If you would like to participate, please email Antonina Semkina (antonina.1.semkina@kcl.ac.uk) by 22 July 2022, briefly describing why you are interested.