19 Aug 2020

We want to update our structures to support PPI in ARC South London. The NIHR  also requires every Applied Research Collaboration to produce a patient and public involvement strategy by the end of March 2021. 

Locally and nationally, the importance of strengthening joint working with others enabling involvement in health and social care research in south London has been emphasised and your ideas on this would be particularly valued.  All questions are optional.

The questionnaire is available here  https://bit.ly/30ZS2MZ,  please complete it by 10 September 2020. Alternatively there is a shorter questionnaire  available here https://bit.ly/3hHaBMA.  

An anonymised summary of responses will help to inform the next steps.  

If anyone finds either form inaccessible or just wants to focus on one aspect of PPI, they can email instead to Savi Hensman email: savitri.hensman@kcl.ac.uk by 10 September.  

Findings from the survey and other views will be discussed at our forthcoming event Active involvement in Research Day which will be held via Zoom on Tuesday 22 September, 5.30 - 8pm. Register via Eventbrite 

Read more about how you can get involved and our approach to PPI at ARC South London.