Dem Comm is a 2-year programme funded by the NIHR and the Alzheimer’s Society. The aim of this funding is to support the new generation of dementia research leaders, bringing together researchers from different multidisciplinary backgrounds to encourage cross-cutting and community-orientated dementia research projects that can address key gaps in evidence.

Dementia researchers launch event - University of Southampton

Two ARC South London research fellows funded by the Dem Comm programme and based at King’s College London attended the event:

  • Annabel Farnood working on the project ‘Empowering better end of life dementia care for family carers of people with dementia’ (EMBED-Care4FamilyCarers).

This project aims to co-design a validated tool with carers, to support care, decision-making and access to services. The Integrated Person-centred Outcome Scale in dementia (IPOS-Dem) tool includes assessment of symptoms, emotional, spiritual and information needs and will be integrated with telehealth.

  • Olivia Luijnenburg, working on the project Spirituality in residential care for people living with dementia: implementing reflective tools for care workers of people living with dementia. (SpiritDem).

This project focuses on developing interventions to support care homes in better meeting residents’ spiritual needs, particularly those living with dementia from minority cultural, or faith backgrounds. The research will be informed by perspectives of care home staff, residents living with dementia, and their family and friends to increase understanding of the beliefs and spiritual needs of residents living with dementia. Guidance and policies will be developed to help care home staff support spiritual care.

Throughout the day, fellows were encouraged to get to know each other, the dementia projects that were funded, and to establish collaborations for publications, future research, and webinars. The fellowships aim to build capacity for early career researchers and to create a strong network of dementia researchers. The DEM COMM fellows meet bi-monthly for webinars and a Winter School is organised for November.

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