8 Aug 2022

The CPD-accredited module is an introduction to implementation science research and practice, and was created by a team of experts at NIHR ARC South London and the University of East Anglia.

This module is designed for anyone interested in improving health and social care services, including researchers, service user researchers, and health and social care practitioners, who want to develop their understanding of implementation science. 


Implementation science bridging the gap between research and practice

The course covers the core scientific principles and investigative methodologies of implementation science. It combines a strong theoretical underpinning with a clear practical focus, providing you with ‘take-home’ tools, checklists and other resources that can help you to develop interventions in different health and social care settings

Professor Nick Sevdalis

Professor Nick Sevdalis, professor of implementation science and patient safety, at King’s College London, says:

Implementation science is the study of methods and strategies to promote the uptake of interventions that have proven effective into routine practice. It seeks to understand the behaviours and practice of health and social care professionals, managers and policymakers, together with patients, service users and carers.

Professor Nick Sevdalis says: “Without studying and optimising implementation processes then our hopes of improving patient care in any specialty will remain slow at best, and in fact might be substantially hindered because of implementation barriers and obstacles. The aim of implementation science is to address the gap between the knowledge that can optimise health and social care services and what is actually delivered.”

The module will be delivered online over six weeks, starting in early October. The content includes recorded lectures from faculty at King’s College London, University of East Anglia, Kingston University and St George’s, University of London. There will also be weekly discussion boards, group work using case studies and a supporting teaching fellow and live seminars.

If you take the module, you will also be able to access discounted rates to attend a practical two-day face-to-face Implementation Science Masterclass, that is run annually in June/July.

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Read more about implementation science at ARC South London: https://arc-sl.nihr.ac.uk/research-and-implementation/our-research-methods/implementation-science