25 Jan 2022

The research team held a meeting with study participants and the wider Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) on 19 January. The purpose was to review the emerging findings in the qualitative work with women who have planned a vaginal breech birth on the study to check our interpretations with the group.

In the process, it emerged that several women had transferred their maternity care to access participation in the study. They learned about the study by doing their own research on the internet.  So far in this study 56 women have planned a vaginal breech birth.

The PPI group were keen that information about the study is shared with other women in hospitals not participating, who may not feel able to support vaginal breech birth at the moment. So we would like this information to be shared as widely as possible.

Dr Shawn Walker

Dr Shawn Walker, consultant breech specialist midwife and lecturer in midwifery, King’s College London

Women in south London can access participation in the research and OptiBreech care at Kingston Hospital and at Surrey and Sussex (Redhill).

Read more about the Optibreech study and find participating sites.