Our work in designing and testing new ways of improving health focuses on addressing these inequalities and supporting children and young people who are most in need.

Developing a screening tool to identify vulnerable children 

In this project we will be developing a screening tool to help identify at an early stage vulnerable children and children with low school readiness.

We will use the results of this screening tool to develop a package of support and advice tailored to the needs of the child and their family. This could include:  

  • Advice on how to manage health conditions 
  • Referral and support to specialist services, including financial advice, counselling, parenting support, school-based resilience-building interventions, mental health support, and social services
  • Home visiting health and social care support.


Anticipated health and care outcomes

We anticipate that this enhanced model of care could result in a number of improved health and care outcomes. These include: 

  • Uptake of identified health and social services and support
  • Improvements in health-related quality of life for children and young people
  • Improved parental wellbeing
  • Improved child-centred outcomes, for example, better school attendance and attainment at school.