There are rising numbers of children in south London living with multiple health problems. These could be non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, heart problems or asthma, as well as behavioural and emotional problems.

Health policy in this area tends to focus on adults and older people living with multiple conditions, overlooking children and young people. 

Introducing a new model of care

In this project we will be developing and then implementing a new model of care to better support children and young people living with long-term health conditions. 

Under the proposed model of care, a specially trained community health worker will connect with, and offer education and support to children and their families.

We will compare this new model of care with a randomised control arm. This will be a group of children who receive care as usual for a time, before being brought under the new model of care.    

Anticipated health and care outcomes

We anticipate that this enhanced model of care could result in a number of improved health and care outcomes. These include: 

  • Appropriate access to and use of health and social care services
  • Improvements in health-related quality of life for children and young people
  • Improved parental wellbeing 
  • Improved child-centred outcomes, for example, better school attendance
  • Improved experience of health care for children and families.