The health problem

Evidence from the UK and Europe shows that stroke survivors continue to have multiple needs or demands some years after their stroke, including social, emotional, financial, and work-related needs, as well as needs for information about their stroke, prognosis, and medical support.

Some of these needs may be relatively hidden, such as those relating to cognitive problems, fatigue and pain. As a result, family members and informal caregivers often experience long-term negative impacts on their emotional health and wellbeing, and lack support and information.

Aim of this research

Vascular researchers at ARC South London, led by Professor Charles Wolfe, professor of public health at King's College London, are carrying out a scoping review to identify and summarise current knowledge and understanding of the longer-term needs and demands of stroke survivors as perceived by stroke survivors, family members and informal caregivers.

We want to identify gaps in the research evidence and actions that research planners and policymakers can take to address these. The ultimate aim is to help improve the physical, mental and social wellbeing of stroke survivors and their family members

Professor Charles Wolfe, professor of public health, King's College London

Research methods

The project is a scoping review of the existing research literature.

The researchers will use multiple bibliographic databases and build on the vascular research team’s previous publications, as well as 'grey' literature from internet searches and via Stroke Alliance for Europe member organisations.

The project will involve a working group, including stroke survivors, who will help to inform decisions about the design of the scoping review and its outputs.


The researchers are collaborating with the Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE), who are funding the research. SAFE is a non-profit-making organisation that represents a range of stroke support organisations across Europe, whose mutual goal is to promote stroke prevention in the European political and public agenda, and increase understanding of stroke.

This project was adopted by NIHR ARC South London in May 2022.