Project aim

This study aims to investigate levels of awareness and attractiveness of occupational health (OH) careers from the perspective of  healthcare undergraduate and postgraduates, people on OH training courses and career leavers. The research team are interested in identifying factors that influence how individuals choose OH careers compared to other specialisms.

Dr checking blood pressure

How the project will be carried out

This study will consist of:

  • a rapid literature review;
  • focus groups / interviews with nurses and doctors - undergraduates, postgraduate, OH trainees / career joiners and career leavers.

How public and service users are involved in the research

The research unit’s advisory group of service users and carers will assist with development of this study, including advising on topic guides, discussion of emerging findings, and commenting on outputs.

Our collaborators

The study advisory group includes representatives from the Department of Health and Social Care, Department of Work and Pensions, Health Education England, National School of Occupational Health (NSOH), Faculty of Occupational Medicine and the Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM).

Potential benefits of the project

A report will be produced for the Department of Health and Social Care and Department for Work and Pensions which will assist policy making in this area.     

The project was adopted by ARC South London in June 2023. It is funded by the NIHR Policy Research Unit and will be completed by December 2023.